Billing & Medical Records

Billing & Medical Records


You may receive more than one bill for one visit. Here's why: some bills come from doctors, other bills come from the hospital. All bills are submitted to your insurance company. Below are direct phone numbers for specific questions about your bills.

You can pay your bill online by visiting

Getting Referrals

Before any visit, ask your insurance company if you need a written referral for the visit or service. Many times, especially if your insurance is an HMO, you will need a referral. If you do not have a referral, you are required to sign a waiver which states you will assume all financial responsibility for the visit.

You are Responsible for Charges Incurred

  • Always bring a current insurance or enrollment card to each visit.
  • Before the visit, we suggest you call the number on that card to understand how medical services will be covered. Health insurance plans are the best price information source for their members. Many health plans have developed cost estimators and other educational tools to help members understand their out-of-pocket obligations and coverage information. Helpful information about these tools for some payers may be found in the links below:
    If services are not covered, we will ask you to pay for those services on the day of the visit.
  • At appointment check in, you will have the opportunity to pay outstanding balances.
  • During the appointment, the physician may order tests, evaluations, and/or treatments apart from that appointment.
  • Some of these may result in additional charges.
  • If services provided are not covered by insurance, we can help you understand your payment options. Generally, we ask for a minimum payment on the day of the visit, and bill the balance.

Medical Records

To have copies of your child’s medical record sent to you, please call 312.227.5220. You will be asked to complete, sign and return a form authorizing us to release this information to you.

Lurie Children's MyChart

Lurie Children’s MyChart gives you safe, secure online access to portions of your child's electronic medical record (EMR). Visit LurieChildren’s MyChart to log in, sign up or learn more.

MyChart is not meant to replace the advice given to you by your pediatrician or family practitioner and should not be used to diagnose a health-related problem or to substitute for medical care.

Insurance Plans

Find information about the commerical, exchange and Medicaid insurance plans Lurie Children's accepts.